Why should you hire me?

Knowledge of the law and court process:

I am well-versed with the Pennsylvania DUI laws and procedures followed in courtrooms.Much of this isn’t written in any book—an experienced attorney learned it by many years in practice and observing closely how things differ from county to county.More important, I have had numerous jury trials in Pennsylvania—THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR AN ATTORNEY’S ACTUAL EXPERIENCE OF DOING JURY TRIALS. While you may not be seeking to have a trial in your own case, the way to get the best deal is by hiring an attorney with experience in trials, because he or she will have a reputation for not shying away from a difficult case, and hopefully, a reputation for winning. This is what makes prosecutors offer you a better deal. When you are considering which attorney to hire, ask him or her how many jury trials he or she has had, and how many were won. If the attorney backs away from the questions or tries to confuse you, take this as a sign that the attorney has little experience (and maybe none!) in doing a jury trial.This means that most likely, the deal offered to you won’t be very generous, because your attorney is not known to ever fight cases.

Knowledge of DUI defenses:

People often think that they can talk their way out of DUI charges. But this is not a mere speeding ticket. DUI charges are serious and anything you say to the police is probably not having the effect you think. Usually, what you say to police will be used to develop a stronger case against you for drunk driving.
I am an experienced attorney with a reputation for being very aggressive in court. The most effective method for getting charges reduced or dismissed is hiring an attorney who isn’t afraid to fight and has won many cases.This is what makes prosecutors back down.

Familiarity with testing procedures:

I have a comprehensive understanding of the procedures used for chemical BAC tests in a DUI case. I am always scrutinizing testing procedures and results and questioning reliability of the mechanisms by which the evidence was collected.

Experience with PennDOT:

In most cases, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will suspend your driving privileges following a DUI arrest. I may be able to help you request a hearing on the matter and fight to retain your driving privileges. In most cases, we can at a minimum get an occupational limited license for you.

Experience, skill, and reputation:

When it comes time to negotiate with prosecutors about your case, the prosecutor is much more likely to work with an attorney they know and trust than with the defendant. I am a skilled negotiator who is well-known for commitment to clients and my ability to resolve cases as favorably as possible based upon the facts.

Communication with client:

I have a habit of returning calls to clients even on nights, weekends and holidays.Nowadays, that seems to be the biggest complaint that people have about their lawyer—that the lawyer doesn’t keep them informed.So I try my best to return calls as promptly as I can and not keep people waiting.

Willingness to tell the brutal truth:

If I think I can win a case, I will tell the client that. If I don’t think there’s a good shot to win, I tell the client that too. Many attorneys will sugarcoat things in order to sell the client, but then later, tell the client that the case didn’t turn out as expected. I think the client needs to hear the brutal truth from the beginning—good or bad.

Serving Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon & Monroe Counties (including Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Stroudsburg, Jim Thorpe, and all other towns of those counties). Also serving Federal Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (U.S. District Court).

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